Character, Ethics, and Morality

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Dear Student,

The decision to take this course will prove to be a vital step in your personal and ministerial development.  Character, Manners, Ethics and Influence will give you a working knowledge of the character essential for effectiveness in ministry.

The life and ministry of Jesus is the only Biblical pattern we have as a model for our life and ministry.  We are to consider Him for our motivation and life’s patterns.  Jesus always displayed love and respect for others. It is essential that we display the Christ in us in all our actions. Love has good manners.

The qualities needed for ministry are primarily relational. Nothing affects your relationships like your personal character. James Allen said “Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him”. This course will give you the knowledge you need to reveal Jesus in all your circumstances.

Impact International School of Ministry is committed to equipping a new breed of leaders. We are not interested in the mere sharing of information. We want to empower you to live in the Grace of God.  May your journey be pleasant and rewarding. When you finish this course, you will want to look at other courses that will help you fulfill your call!


Jim Richards

Do each of these at the end of the scheduled class.  Each class builds on the previous class information and your personal experience with the information.  This personal information is a prerequisite for the next class.  Don’t cheat yourself!

Assignment: Write a 3 Page Paper on the subjects of the class.

Required Reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People, Any book on manners of your choosing (must be at least 100 pages)