• Homiletics

    0 Lessons in $149.00

    A class of practical application. On a regular basis, each student will prepare and deliver messages orally while being reviewed by faculty members and peers. The special emphasis of this course is on developing “pulpit” skills. You will face and overcome your fears of speaking in public. In a safe, positive environment you will become aware of and deal with the small annoyances in your delivery style that would prevent people from hearing and receiving your message.

  • Greek 2

    0 Lessons in $149.00

    A continuation of the study of syntax of the Greek sentence structure with emphasis on translation applications. This is a continuation in the refinement of your language skills.

  • Greek 1

    5 Lessons in $149.00

    An introduction to orthography, the parts of speech and syntax of the Greek noun (cases, adjectives, definite article, preposition) and the syntax of the Greek verb (person, number, voice, mood, tense, infinitive, participle, adverb, conjunction and particle). Instruction in the use of the Greek Interlinear New Testament and the Analytical Greek Lexicon. This class will give you the skills needed to do biblical research as well as develop your language skills.

  • Family Relations

    0 Lessons in $149.00

    The decision to take this course will prove to be a vital step in your personal and ministerial development. Family Relations teaches essential principles for enjoying healthy meaningful relationships. It is valuable for every area of life and ministry. First, you will gain knowledge and insight into your relationship with God and how He sees […]

  • Effective Communication

    1 Lessons in $149.00

    Communication is essential to successful ministry. It doesn’t matter what you have to say if you cannot make it understandable to the hearer. This study of the basic parts of speech and syntax of the English sentence is the starting place for learning effective communication.