All courses by Ron Marquardt

  • Exodus

    • Exodus - $149.00

    An exciting verse-by-verse study of God’s eternal principles of faith, deliverance and provision. An analysis of the struggles of the people and God’s continual effort to deliver them provides examples and insights into the nature of God. A special emphasis is placed on how one man overcomes his limitations and insecurities through personal obedience which leads to an entire nation coming out of bondage

  • Genesis

    • Genesis - $149.00

    An essential verse-by-verse study revealing eternal principles of God and man. This foundational book provides understanding of all the struggles and issues in the human race. Topics discussed include: the fall of man, the flood, and God’s faith-covenant dealings with the patriarchs, which introduce the covenant, that enabled Jesus to come into the earth.

  • Bible Doctrines

    • Bible Doctrines - $149.00

    This course provides a proper foundation in the faith as prescribed by the apostle Paul. Failure to build on these foundational doctrines results in all doctrine leading to a departure from the faith. This comprehensive study of the foundational doctrines of the New Covenant forms the basis for all New Testament beliefs. You will never be led into error again.

  • Romans ~ Galatians

    • Romans & Galatians - $149.00

    The decision to take this course will prove to be a vital step in your personal and ministerial development. Romans and Galatians contain some essential principles for ministry and life. Paul wrote Romans as the most detailed explanation of the gospel.