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  • The Gospel of John by Dr. Jim Richards 2022

    by Jim Richards
    9 Lessonsin
    • The Gospel of John - $149.00

    A comprehensive, verse-by-verse revelation of the life and ministry of Jesus. Special attention is given to the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they operated in Him as a man and what that means to believers today. Special attention is given to the many aspects this Gospel reveals about the “Zoë” life of God. You will see Jesus as you have never seen Him!

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  • Preview of The Gospel of John to Show How the System Works.

    by admin
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  • Deuteronomy

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • Deuteronomy - $149.00

    Dear Student, In the study of Deuteronomy we are seeing a new generation of Israel approaching their Promised Land. This group is more committed to God than their fathers and they are willing to put forth every effort necessary to obtain what God has promised them. The study of Deuteronomy is a refresher course for […]

  • Numbers

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • Numbers - $149.00

    A verse-by-verse study that causes this book to come alive with purpose and value. God’s principles of leadership, authority and delegation are clarified. It provides a close look at the reasons for failure and defeat as demonstrated in the individual and corporate people of Israel. Special emphasis is placed on Israel’s reaction to personal accountability and what that teaches us for living in victory

  • Old Testament Survey

    by Jim Richards
    6 Lessonsin
    • Old Testament Survey - $149.00

    This class will provide a thorough overview of the history of Israel from the time of Judges until Esther.  This study reveals crucial insights into God’s ability to develop and work with leaders.  This course will analyze the struggles of Israel and emphasize the continual mercy founded in God’s promises.  Special attention is given to the character traits of the people of the Old Testament and how God was able to use them despite their weaknesses.