Category Biblical Studies

  • Numbers

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    • Numbers - $149.00

    A verse-by-verse study that causes this book to come alive with purpose and value. God’s principles of leadership, authority and delegation are clarified. It provides a close look at the reasons for failure and defeat as demonstrated in the individual and corporate people of Israel. Special emphasis is placed on Israel’s reaction to personal accountability and what that teaches us for living in victory

  • Old Testament Survey

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    • Old Testament Survey - $149.00

    This class will provide a thorough overview of the history of Israel from the time of Judges until Esther.  This study reveals crucial insights into God’s ability to develop and work with leaders.  This course will analyze the struggles of Israel and emphasize the continual mercy founded in God’s promises.  Special attention is given to the character traits of the people of the Old Testament and how God was able to use them despite their weaknesses.

  • Eschatology

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    • Eschatology - $149.00

    This will remove the mysticism of the end times through a comprehensive verse-by-verse study of Daniel and Revelation. Course content will describe the end-times and the events that will usher in the return of Jesus and God’s future plans for Planet Earth. Through an open, unbiased presentation of the Word, the major end-time doctrines will be discussed. You will be freed from the dogmas that blind and separate Christians concerning the end times. You will gain peace and confidence to face the end, regardless of how it happens.

  • Hebrews

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    • Hebrews - $149.00

    This course portrays the absolute sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice and proclaims the freedom from the two greatest enemies of faith: legalism and ritualism. This is a verse-by-verse study showing the supremacy of Christ over the law, the priesthood, and every other religious idealism created by man. Jesus is revealed as the fulfillment of all the Levitical, sacrificial types. This course will free you from the need for empty religious ritualism and move you to the realities we have in Jesus.

  • Pastoral Epistles

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    • Pastoral Epistles - $149.00

    This Course shows how Paul mentored Timothy to develop him into a man of character and faith. This verse-by-verse study of I and II Timothy and Titus is supplemented with selected pastoral instruction from other New Testament epistles. Learn the principles that Paul used to select and develop leaders. This class will help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls in developing yourself as a leader.