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  • Level 1 EFT Certification

    by Jim Richards
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    • EFT Level 1 Certification - $25.00

    Level I certification provides you with the basic training to use Biblically based EFT for Transformation. Using EFT professionally: 1. Be sure you know the laws for your state concerning ministry and counseling. 2. If you are presently a minister, pastor counselor or life coach, EFT will simply be one of the modalities you will […]

  • Heart Physics Coaching

    by Jim Richards
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      **NOTE**  Before beginning the course, please go to the Required Paperwork – Heart Physics Coaching Certification section and submit all required paperwork Heart Physics® Coach Certification Heart Physics® tools are utilized by pastors, counselors, health practitioners, life coaches, and consultants as a supplement to the services offered to their clients. Because of the uniqueness of […]