Category Systematic Theology

  • Creation

    4 Lessonsin
    • Creation - $149.00

    Creation- Wheres the ProofCreation vs Evolutioncreation modelsEvolutionasAlchemy

  • Family Relations

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    • Family Relations - $149.00

    The decision to take this course will prove to be a vital step in your personal and ministerial development. Family Relations teaches essential principles for enjoying healthy meaningful relationships. It is valuable for every area of life and ministry. First, you will gain knowledge and insight into your relationship with God and how He sees […]

  • Demonology and Deliverance

    6 Lessonsin
    • Demonology and Deliverance - $149.00

    Demonology and deliverance is a confusing doctrine that tends to build fear instead of faith in the heart of the average believer. This is an in-depth study in the origin and activity of the devil and demons in Planet Earth. This class will strip away every fear and every myth you have held about the devil and his power. The goal of the class is to train the student to successfully minister to those oppressed or possessed by spirits and bring them into absolute victory. You will never fear the devil again!

  • Keys to Successful Living

    3 Lessonsin
    • Keys To Successful Living - $149.00

    An in-depth study into God’s plan for man’s success through the operation and application of New Testament principles of faith and grace. This course embodies some of the most world renowned, Bible-based principles of success. Through this course you will de-mystify the faith walk of the believer. You will have the keys for success and the confidence to use them.

  • Prayer

    4 Lessonsin
    • Prayer - $149.00

    A study of the major concepts of prayer in the Old and New Testaments. Learn how to make prayer a personal, powerful time of transformation. Special instruction is given to affect your heart through prayer and worship, thereby avoiding boredom and vain repetition. This class will give you the tools to write the truth of God’s Word on your heart.