Course Category: Systematic Theology

  • Demonology and Deliverance

    by Dr. Jim Richards
    • Demonology and Deliverance$149.00

    Demonology and deliverance is a confusing doctrine that tends to build fear instead of faith in the heart of the average believer. This is an in-depth study in the origin and activity of the devil and demons in Planet Earth. This class will strip away every fear and every myth you have held about the devil and his power. The goal of the class is to train the student to successfully minister to those oppressed or possessed by spirits and bring them into absolute victory. You will never fear the devil again!

  • Faith

    by Dr. Jim Richards
    • Faith$149.00

    An extremely misunderstood topic. What is supposed to be a place of rest and peace has become a den of torment. Faith has been turned to dead works as we have tried to get enough faith to move God. This fundamental, spiritual law is exhaustively researched and analyzed due to its importance as the only basis for taking hold of the promises of God. Special attention is given to the Gospel of Peace as the basis for faith. This class will prevent you from turning faith into a destructive law of “dead works.” You will find the place of rest.

  • Family Relations

    by Dr. Jim Richards
    • Family Relations$149.00

    A study of God’s plan, structure and framework for fulfilling the marital relationship. Special attention is devoted to Scriptural principles for dating, marriage and child raising. This class will break the antiquated stereotypes that have destroyed the intimacy and fulfillment of marriage.

  • Foundations of Faith by Nate Tanner

    by Nate Tanner
    • Foundations of Faith – Nate Tanner$149.00

    FOF Course Study guide Anyone who wants to be a worker or a leader in a church should be required to go through the Foundations of Faith class. Actually, we encourage all believers to complete the class. It is essentialfor a new convert, but it is also helpful for the person who has been a […]

  • Keys to Successful Living

    by Dr. Jim Richards
    • Keys To Successful Living$149.00

    An in-depth study into God’s plan for man’s success through the operation and application of New Testament principles of faith and grace. This course embodies some of the most world renowned, Bible-based principles of success. Through this course you will de-mystify the faith walk of the believer. You will have the keys for success and the confidence to use them.

  • Praise & Worship

    by Dr. Jim Richards
    • Praise & Worship$149.00

    This class is designed to provide a theological basis for praise and worship. Additionally, this class will provide an introduction to the practical and spiritual principles that are involved in leading a praise and worship service. Special emphasis will be placed on learning to experience God in praise and worship.

  • Prayer

    by Dr. Jim Richards
    • Prayer$149.00

    A study of the major concepts of prayer in the Old and New Testaments. Learn how to make prayer a personal, powerful time of transformation. Special instruction is given to affect your heart through prayer and worship, thereby avoiding boredom and vain repetition. This class will give you the tools to write the truth of God’s Word on your heart.

  • The Holy Spirit

    by admin
    • Holy Spirit – Dennis and Denise Capra$149.00

    We are so glad you have invested in the biblical insights and truths about the Holy Spirit and His Personhood & Ministry. Of course it cannot be exhaustive or fully comprehensive because the Spirit is part of the Trinity. God, the Holy Spirit cannot be contained or expressed in any 9 lesson course…. but we […]