Course Category: Systematic Theology

  • The Holy Spirit by Dennis and Denise Capra

    by admin
    • Holy Spirit - Dennis and Denise Capra - $149.00

    We are so glad you have invested in the biblical insights and truths about the Holy Spirit and His Personhood & Ministry. Of course it cannot be exhaustive or fully comprehensive because the Spirit is part of the Trinity. God, the Holy Spirit cannot be contained or expressed in any 9 lesson courseā€¦. but we […]

  • Foundations of Faith by Nate Tanner

    by nate
    • Foundations of Faith - Nate Tanner - $149.00

    FOF Course Study guide Anyone who wants to be a worker or a leader in a church should be required to go through the Foundations of Faith class. Actually, we encourage all believers to complete the class. It is essential for a new convert, but it is also helpful for the person who has been […]

  • Church History

    by Ron Marquardt
    • Church History - $149.00

    This course provides an overview of the history of the church from its birth to present day. See how the church has evolved to its present form. Come to understand the doctrines and practices that continually recycle through the church to make it powerless. Learn to avoid the mistakes of those who have gone before us.

  • Praise & Worship

    by Jim Richards
    • Praise & Worship - $149.00

    This class is designed to provide a theological basis for praise and worship. Additionally, this class will provide an introduction to the practical and spiritual principles that are involved in leading a praise and worship service. Special emphasis will be placed on learning to experience God in praise and worship.

  • Creation

    by Ron Marquardt
    • Creation - $149.00

    Creation- Wheres the ProofCreation vs Evolutioncreation modelsEvolutionasAlchemy