Church Growth

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The decision to take this course will prove to be a vital step in your personal and ministerial development.  Use the Bible as your source for understanding, not past experience or someone’s teaching.  Test all that you hear by the Word of God.

This class will provide principles and methods for reaching your community.  If we are to reach the world, we must know how to reach them and keep them.  Learn the same principles that Jesus applied in his ministry.

Impact International School of Ministry is committed to equipping a new breed of leaders and a more confident believer. We are not interested in the mere sharing of information. We want to empower you to live in the Grace of God.  May your journey be pleasant and rewarding. When you finish this course you will want to look at other courses that will help you fulfill your call!


Jim Richards

Required Reading: “Purpose Driven Church” by Rick Warren

Written Assignments: 5-10 page, 12 pt., double spaced, one inch borders. Outline what you want to do with your ministry. Include your Mission Statement, and Vision Statement and the steps to accomplish it.