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Welcome to the book of Numbers. This course will be an eye opening adventure into the actions, decisions and attitude that caused God’s chosen people to fail to receive his blessings and wander aimlessly in the wilderness instead of experiencing the land flowing with milk and honey. Pay close attention to God’s constant encouragement about what they can have and do with him on their side. Watch the Israelites reject God’s best intentions for them again and again while never reaching their destination.

The journey of entering into rest is one that we all can relate too. The Israelites were unable to receive this rest in the book of Numbers and ended up losing sight of why they ever left Egypt. When we fail to remember why we ever left the sins that bound us, then we are doing just like the Israelites and turning away from God’s best for our lives. And just like them, we are probably in sight of God’s provision, but feel that it will take too much work to enter into rest. The truth is, that we don’t know if it’s worth the effort to even try. But it is worth every second to live where your dreams can come true and God’s provision abounds.

While studying the Nation of Israel, open your heart to allow God to come into those areas that keep you turning back from his land of provision. Search you heart and mind for beliefs that keep you in a slave mentality and has kept you from truly experiencing God’s best for you. God can handle your unbelief, but you have to be honest with him about it. Tell God where you are still struggling and wandering in the wilderness and then be confident that his strength will come into your life to face the battles that have held you out of your land “flowing with milk and honey”.

After completing this course, you may want to take the book of Deuteronomy as it continues the journey of the Israelite nation and concludes the five (5) books of the Pentateuch.


Ron Marquardt
• There is no homework in this class other than reading the entire book of Numbers in the New International Version. Be sure to read a minimum of 6 chapters per class until the book is completed.