• World Outreach

    by Jim Richards
    5 Lessonsin
    • World Outreach - $149.00

    This course is designed as an introduction to missions. In this class, the student will learn the effective methods for selecting and leading missions projects and outreach teams.

  • Church Growth

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • Church Growth - $149.00

    A practical look into the principles and methods essential for reaching your community. We are called to reach the world. Many have been told to “just preach the Word and people will come,” but, it is not that simple. Even Jesus planned, organized, trained and sent out pre-crusade teams. If we are to reach the world, we must know how to reach them and keep them. We must understand their needs. We must speak their language. Even Jesus applied these simple principles. This class will review the New Testament principles of church growth as presented in the book of Acts. It will also examine the current trends of church growth including the advantages of multi-sensory imaging. Special attention will be given to involving lay ministry and proper functioning of the house-to-house meeting.

  • Keys to Successful Living

    by Jim Richards
    • Keys To Successful Living - $149.00

    An in-depth study into God’s plan for man’s success through the operation and application of New Testament principles of faith and grace. This course embodies some of the most world renowned, Bible-based principles of success. Through this course you will de-mystify the faith walk of the believer. You will have the keys for success and the confidence to use them.

  • Old Testament Survey

    by Jim Richards
    6 Lessonsin
    • Old Testament Survey - $149.00

    This class will provide a thorough overview of the history of Israel from the time of Judges until Esther.  This study reveals crucial insights into God’s ability to develop and work with leaders.  This course will analyze the struggles of Israel and emphasize the continual mercy founded in God’s promises.  Special attention is given to the character traits of the people of the Old Testament and how God was able to use them despite their weaknesses.

  • Holy Spirit

    by Ron Marquardt
    • The Holy Spirit - $149.00

    This course draws a clear distinction between the way the Holy Spirit worked in the Old Testament versus the New. This detailed study of the Person and work of the third Member of the Godhead and His relationship to the believer opens the door for transformation and supernatural empowerment for ministry. Walking in the Spirit will take on a new, refreshing meaning as you yield to the work of the Spirit of Grace in your life.