Counseling III

You must first complete Counseling 1 before taking this course.
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In choosing the class on Counseling III, you are taking an important step in your personal and ministerial growth. This course is an in-depth look at human behavior and motivational beliefs.  This advanced study focuses on the role of beliefs and their effect on subsequent behavior.  Special emphasis is placed on various methodologies, which are able to influence the deep-seated beliefs of the heart.  You will learn how to establish new behavior that emerges from heartfelt beliefs.  You will acquire the tools to change any behavior through modifying beliefs.

I trust that this course and any other that you choose to take through Impact International School of Ministry will prove to be enjoyable and life changing.

With eternity in mind,

Jim Richards

As you listen to the videos, follow along in your workbook. Fill in the blanks but take good notes as well. Your workbook also serves as your study guide and your test questions are derived from that.
Required Reading: The required reading for this course is “The Heart Math Solution”  You can purchase the book here.