• Acts

    by Jim Richards
    3 Lessonsin
    • Acts$149.00

    A verse-by-verse study of the first century church. An honest look at the weaknesses of the church and its leaders removes the idealism and mysticism that has paralyzed and disqualified potential leaders for centuries. The ministry of the Holy Spirit in early leaders and lay believers, the missionary journeys, their personal experiences and principles of church growth are brought into a modern context. You will have more confidence in God’s willingness to use you in a mighty way as you take a new look at this honest portrayal of the early church

  • Addictions Counseling

    by Jim Richards
    5 Lessonsin
    • Addictions Counseling$149.00

    A course of study designed to provide a general introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling. This course introduces the student to the 12 core functions, 12-Step Program, pharmacology, ethics, rules and regulations, referrals and theory and dynamics of counseling. This course not only prepares the student for certification as an Addictions Counselor, but equips him/her to deal with the real issues of life which have traditionally been avoided or mishandled by mainstream Christian counselors.

  • Administration I

    by Jim Richards
    • Administration 1$149.00

    an objective and experiential look at the basic elements of administration. Through personal assessment and unique assignments you will learn the first step to corporate administration: taking control of your oown life. You will learn the spiritual and practical elements that are essential to success as you are enabled to identify and avoid the most common failures in both ministry and business. You will be able to develop the skills and acquire the tools for personal and corporate time-management.

  • Administration 2

    by Jim Richards
    • Administration 2$149.00

    TEAM BUILDING involves each student in the process of identifying and understanding the necessary personnel essential for building an innovative team. This is an advanced people-skills course implementing that which is essential to developing successful leadership. This course will show how to take an idea from conception to completion and how to build the team that can make it happen. You will learn at what stages a project should be handed off to each team member and to which member it should go next.

  • Administration 3

    by Ron Marquardt
    • Administration 3$149.00

    This course provides the tools for establishing and leading a dream team. There will be lectures by the heads of principal departments of Impact of Huntsville and/ or other successful ministries. They will give unique insight to problems and solutions of everyday departmental issues they face. This is practical information essential for starting and managing a successful church or ministry. You will discover how to develop synergy and congruence in every department, thereby optimizing your every effort. This is an advanced study in team building.

  • Bible Doctrines

    by Ron Marquardt
    • Bible Doctrines$149.00

    This course provides a proper foundation in the faith as prescribed by the apostle Paul. Failure to build on these foundational doctrines results in all doctrine leading to a departure from the faith. This comprehensive study of the foundational doctrines of the New Covenant forms the basis for all New Testament beliefs. You will never be led into error again.

  • Character, Ethics, and Morality

    by Jim Richards
    5 Lessonsin
    • Character, Ethics, and Manners$149.00

    This course outlines the practical lifestyle of the believer and minister that gives credibility and influence to all they do. “When your gift exceeds your character, the gift becomes a reproach” (JBR). We want your life to be as appealing as your ministry gift. A life of character is the only assurance of a life of ministry success. This is a personal development course that makes your testimony believable.

  • Church Growth

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • Church Growth$149.00

    A practical look into the principles and methods essential for reaching your community. We are called to reach the world. Many have been told to “just preach the Word and people will come,” but, it is not that simple. Even Jesus planned, organized, trained and sent out pre-crusade teams. If we are to reach the world, we must know how to reach them and keep them. We must understand their needs. We must speak their language. Even Jesus applied these simple principles. This class will review the New Testament principles of church growth as presented in the book of Acts. It will also examine the current trends of church growth including the advantages of multi-sensory imaging. Special attention will be given to involving lay ministry and proper functioning of the house-to-house meeting.

  • Church History

    by Ron Marquardt
    • Church History$149.00

    This course provides an overview of the history of the church from its birth to present day. See how the church has evolved to its present form. Come to understand the doctrines and practices that continually recycle through the church to make it powerless. Learn to avoid the mistakes of those who have gone before us.

  • Counseling 1

    by Jim Richards
    • Counseling 1$149.00

    This course is the basis from which all our counseling programs will be understood. This is a comprehensive introduction into motivational behavior. The number one reason for failure in business and ministry is a lack of people skills. This class provides an academic and experiential look into basic behavioral patterns. The model for this study, based on the theory and application of the DISC behavioral profile developed by Dr. John Geir of the University of Minnesota, will provide a foundation for understanding yourself and others. This is key for basic communication, negotiation, counseling and walking in love. You will understand yourself and others better than you ever believed possible.