Dynamics of Small Groups

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Dear Student,

Small groups have always been at the heart of God’s plan to reach, disciple and nurture mankind. From the conception of the family, through the breakdown of the tribes of Israel to the New Testament church and through History small groups have always been essential and effective.

There is no perfect model for small groups, but there are consistent principles: they must be homogeneous, safe, open, provide two-way communication and healthy support for the group. Modern trends in support groups of various kinds show people’s readiness to connect through small groups. Regardless of what model you choose, your small group must be relevant to the needs and the culture of the people you seek to serve.

Consider this course more of a snapshot than a blue print. Discover the parts that will work in your city. Listen to the people you seek to serve. Understand their needs and help them find what is effective. But most of all discover how to convert Biblical principles of ministry into current relevant trends.

Impact International School of Ministry is committed to fulfilling the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to reach the world and develop disciples. Small group ministry is one of the most effective ways possible to fulfill this commission. When you finish this course, you will want to look at other courses that will help you fulfill your call!


Jim Richards

Class 3 Homework

Write a meditation for next week’s class. Share your meditation with at least one other person.

There is no set length or topic for your meditation.