• Level 1 EFT Certification

    by Jim Richards
    1 Lessonin
    • EFT Level 1 Certification - $25.00

    Level I certification provides you with the basic training to use Biblically based EFT for Transformation. Using EFT professionally: 1. Be sure you know the laws for your state concerning ministry and counseling. 2. If you are presently a minister, pastor counselor or life coach, EFT will simply be one of the modalities you will […]

  • Heart Physics Coaching

    by Jim Richards
    3 Lessonsin
    • Heart Physics Coach Certification - $50.00

    **NOTE**  Before beginning the course, please go to the Required Paperwork – Heart Physics Coaching Certification section and submit all required paperwork Heart Physics® Coach Certification Heart Physics® tools are utilized by pastors, counselors, health practitioners, life coaches, and consultants as a supplement to the services offered to their clients. Because of the uniqueness of […]

  • The Purpose of the Local Church by Allen Speegle

    by allen Speegle
    • The Purpose of the Local Church - $149.00

    Allen Speegle has pastored a powerful, growing church in Florida for over 20 years. Before that he was the assistant pastor and director of the School of Ministry at Impact Ministries. In this course he shares his wisdom on how to pastor with God's love.

  • Church History

    by Ron Marquardt
    • Church History - $149.00

    This course provides an overview of the history of the church from its birth to present day. See how the church has evolved to its present form. Come to understand the doctrines and practices that continually recycle through the church to make it powerless. Learn to avoid the mistakes of those who have gone before us.

  • How to Flow in the Supernatural by Dave and Bonnie Duell

    by Dave & Bonnie Duell
    7 Lessonsin
    • How to Flow inthe Supernatural - $149.00

    Training in living the abundant life by Dave and Bonnie Duell