• The Gospel of John by Dr. Jim Richards 2022

    by Jim Richards
    9 Lessonsin
    • The Gospel of John - $149.00

    A comprehensive, verse-by-verse revelation of the life and ministry of Jesus. Special attention is given to the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they operated in Him as a man and what that means to believers today. Special attention is given to the many aspects this Gospel reveals about the “Zoë” life of God. You will see Jesus as you have never seen Him!

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  • Reaching Your World by Nate Tanner

    by nate
    • Reaching Your World - Nate Tanner - $149.00

    Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself and your ministry to the world. As a believer God has called you and uniquely positioned you to influence your world with the truth of the Gospel. This course is given free of charge with the hope that it will bless and enhance your confidence […]

  • The Holy Spirit by Dennis and Denise Capra

    by admin
    • Holy Spirit - Dennis and Denise Capra - $149.00

    We are so glad you have invested in the biblical insights and truths about the Holy Spirit and His Personhood & Ministry. Of course it cannot be exhaustive or fully comprehensive because the Spirit is part of the Trinity. God, the Holy Spirit cannot be contained or expressed in any 9 lesson course…. but we […]

  • Foundations of Faith by Nate Tanner

    by nate
    • Foundations of Faith - Nate Tanner - $149.00

    FOF Course Study guide Anyone who wants to be a worker or a leader in a church should be required to go through the Foundations of Faith class. Actually, we encourage all believers to complete the class. It is essential for a new convert, but it is also helpful for the person who has been […]

  • IISOM Application

    by Dr. Jim Richards
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    • IISOM Application - $25.00

    Application Document: Orientation audios: