Counseling 1

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The decision to take this course was a very important step.  Counseling I contains some of the most valuable information that I have ever found.  As I have told many, this information did more to remove conflict from my life than anything than I have ever learned.

The only regrets I have in my life, all revolve around the way I have mishandled relationship issues. Every joy in life depends on our ability to maintain healthy, meaningful relationships: relationship with God; relationships with family; relationships with friends and work relationships.

This course will give you insight into how your behavior affects others.  It will help you understand the diversity of other behavior patterns.  It will free you from judgmental assumptions.

Please realize I have spent over 20 years studying and implementing this material.  Don’t place too many demands on yourself.  Repetition and life experience will be the best teacher for this material.  If you have questions, feel free to call our office.  The registrar or director of the school of ministry will be available to help.

Impact International School of Ministry is committed to equipping a new breed of leaders.  We believe that the lack of people skills is one of the number one reasons people fail at ministry, business and life.  When you finish this course you will want to look at other courses that will help you fulfill your call!


Jim Richards

NOTE:  The DISC profile is required for this course. You may want to wait until you have completed your profile to start this course.

Required reading:

Understanding How Others Misunderstand You and How to Read  a Person Like a Book

You can find them here.

Do each of the following at the end of the scheduled class.  Each class builds on the previous class information and your personal experience with the information.  This personal information is a prerequisite for the next class.  Don’t cheat yourself!

Class 1 homework assignment: Complete and read entire profile. Review study guide for test.

Class II homework assignment:

1.    Write out ten behavioral traits that you see in yourself and how they bring pain into your life.  Give me a few sentences on each.  Tell me what you understand about these traits.
2.    Using your ten areas of behavior that create pain, identify what behavioral traits you should develop/use to eliminate the tendencies that cause you to experience pain.

Class III homework assignment:

  1. Using the Amplified Bible, write every scripture in Proverbs that refers to words, lips, the tongue, the mouth or any communication. Due in by the last class.

Class IV homework assignment:

  1. Identify the top 10 conflicts you have with other behavioral styles
  2. Why you have them.
  3. How do they threaten you?
  4. What do they do that is intimidating?
  5. What attitudes must you adopt to prevent this?
  6. What could you do different that would lessen the potential for conflict?

Class V homework assignment:

Select four different jobs/positions (within the ministry if possible), profile those jobs and discuss the needed behavioral traits for each job.