Administration 2

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The decision to take this course will be a key step in discovering how you will fulfill your dreams. The Bible models team building from Genesis to Revelation, from the family unit to the Trinity. Everything of any significance usually happens through teams. This course is designed to equip you as a team builder.
I used to wonder how Jesus was able to take twelve men of average intelligence, train them for only 3 ½ years and then leave them to accomplish a task that would take 2000 years. Simple! He was a master team builder. In fact, He came to build a church. A church is a type of team. Like all teams it is a group of people who need to be gathered around a common cause, equipped, empowered and moved forward in accomplishing that cause. Great church leaders are great team builders.
As you learn about what you need to do to build teams you will face personal challenges. If you face issues that are too challenging to handle at this point in your life, just set them on the shelf for now. God will take you through change at a pace that is enjoyable for you. If you have questions feel free to call our office. The registrar or director of the school of ministry will be available to help.
Impact International School of Ministry is committed to equipping a new breed of leaders. We are not interested in the mere sharing of information. We want to empower you to live in the Grace of God. May your journey be pleasant and rewarding? When you finish this course you will want to look at other courses that will help you fulfill your call!
Jim Richards

Required Reading: The Power of Team Leadership, by George Barna and 101 Ways to Reach your Community.


Session #2 Administration 2

Admin 2_Study Guide 2 Choose  from this list of words to answer the fill-in-the-blank questions. Creativity Innovation successful environment  

Session #3 Administration 2

Admin 2_Study Guide 3 Choose from this list of words when answering the fill-in-the-blank questions. facilitator failure forward

Sessions #4 Administration 2

Admin 2_Study Guide 4 & 5 Choose from this list of words to answer the fill in the blank questions. part perfect start freedom fact build fault