Demonology and Deliverance

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The course you have decided to take, Demonology and Deliverance, will be a tremendous help to you in your ministry and personal life. It will enable you to live a more victorious life. Your prayer life will change for the better. Your praise and worship will become more intimate toward God and you will see the futility of wasting time and energy fighting with the defeated, stripped enemy the Satan is.

You will probably find your current beliefs challenged by the truths that I point out in this course. Much of what we believe can be the product of current church trends and traditions that sometimes have no real Biblical foundation. The popular beliefs about the devil are a prime example of what I am saying.

As you read the book Satan Unmasked and listen to the classroom teaching your belief system will possibly be challenged. Please remember that as followers of Christ our beliefs must be founded in what the new covenant has provided for us through the finished work of Jesus.

Many of the current church beliefs and practices about Satan and his kingdom are not scriptural and cause more fear and confusion than faith and victory. As you face these issues, keep an open mind and allow God to reveal His truth to you through the many scriptures that I present.

You will find that Satan truly is a defeated foe and that what many consider to be “spiritual warfare” is nothing more than what the Apostle Paul called “shadow boxing”.

Impact International School of Ministry is committed to equipping a new breed of leaders. We are not interested in the mere sharing of information. We want to empower you to live in the grace of God. May your journey be pleasant and rewarding. When you finish this course you will want to look at other courses that will help you fulfill your call.


Jim Richards

Required Reading: Satan Unmasked by Dr. James B. Richards


Demonology – Lesson 5

Length: 120 minutesComplexity: Standard

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