Course Category: Pastoral Ministries

  • The Purpose of the Local Church by Allen Speegle

    by allen Speegle
    • The Purpose of the Local Church - $149.00

    Allen Speegle has pastored a powerful, growing church in Florida for over 20 years. Before that he was the assistant pastor and director of the School of Ministry at Impact Ministries. In this course he shares his wisdom on how to pastor with God's love.

  • Dynamics of Small Groups

    by Jim Richards
    • Dynamics of Small Groups - $149.00

    God’s plan to reach, disciple and nurture mankind has always centered around small groups. Learn the dynamics of leading an effective small group.

  • Counseling III

    by Jim Richards
    • Counseling 3 - $149.00

    An in-depth look at human behavior and motivational beliefs. This advanced study focuses on the role of beliefs and their effect on subsequent behavior. Special emphasis is placed on various methodologies which are able to influence the deep-seated beliefs of the heart. You will learn how to establishing new behavior that emerges from heartfelt beliefs. You will acquire the tools to change any behavior through modifying beliefs.

  • Counseling II

    by Jim Richards
    • Counseling 2 - $149.00

    This course provides an introduction into the fundamentals of psychology and counseling with special attention devoted to the nine modalities of counseling. The strengths and weaknesses of these approaches will be openly discussed. Special emphasis will be given on using this information in light of biblical principles. From this class the student will begin to form his basic approach to counseling techniques.

  • Counseling 1

    by Jim Richards
    • Counseling 1 - $149.00

    This course is the basis from which all our counseling programs will be understood. This is a comprehensive introduction into motivational behavior. The number one reason for failure in business and ministry is a lack of people skills. This class provides an academic and experiential look into basic behavioral patterns. The model for this study, based on the theory and application of the DISC behavioral profile developed by Dr. John Geir of the University of Minnesota, will provide a foundation for understanding yourself and others. This is key for basic communication, negotiation, counseling and walking in love. You will understand yourself and others better than you ever believed possible.