Category Relevant Ministry

  • Substance Abuse and Detox

    2 Lessonsin
    • Substance Abuse and Detox - $149.00

    A study in the dynamics of detox treatment utilizing methodology that is holistic in nature and more consistent with the biblical model of man as a spirit, soul and body. Special emphasis is placed on the connection between emotions and physiological functions of the body, especially the progression of negative emotions that accompany substance abuse. This class will prepare you to minister to one of the most crucial needs in our society. This class, along with clinical training, will qualify you for national certification as a Detox Specialist.

  • Church Growth

    5 Lessonsin
    • Church Growth - $149.00

    A practical look into the principles and methods essential for reaching your community. We are called to reach the world. Many have been told to “just preach the Word and people will come,” but, it is not that simple. Even Jesus planned, organized, trained and sent out pre-crusade teams. If we are to reach the world, we must know how to reach them and keep them. We must understand their needs. We must speak their language. Even Jesus applied these simple principles. This class will review the New Testament principles of church growth as presented in the book of Acts. It will also examine the current trends of church growth including the advantages of multi-sensory imaging. Special attention will be given to involving lay ministry and proper functioning of the house-to-house meeting.

  • Addictions Counseling

    5 Lessonsin
    • Addictions Counseling - $149.00

    A course of study designed to provide a general introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling. This course introduces the student to the 12 core functions, 12-Step Program, pharmacology, ethics, rules and regulations, referrals and theory and dynamics of counseling. This course not only prepares the student for certification as an Addictions Counselor, but equips him/her to deal with the real issues of life which have traditionally been avoided or mishandled by mainstream Christian counselors.