• How to Flow in the Supernatural by Dave and Bonnie Duell

    by Dave & Bonnie Duell
    7 Lessonsin
    • How to Flow inthe Supernatural - $149.00

    Training in living the abundant life by Dave and Bonnie Duell

  • Praise & Worship

    by Jim Richards
    • Praise & Worship - $149.00

    This class is designed to provide a theological basis for praise and worship. Additionally, this class will provide an introduction to the practical and spiritual principles that are involved in leading a praise and worship service. Special emphasis will be placed on learning to experience God in praise and worship.

  • Deuteronomy

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • Deuteronomy - $149.00

    Dear Student, In the study of Deuteronomy we are seeing a new generation of Israel approaching their Promised Land. This group is more committed to God than their fathers and they are willing to put forth every effort necessary to obtain what God has promised them. The study of Deuteronomy is a refresher course for […]

  • Dynamics of Small Groups

    by Jim Richards
    • Dynamics of Small Groups - $149.00

    God’s plan to reach, disciple and nurture mankind has always centered around small groups. Learn the dynamics of leading an effective small group.

  • Creation

    by Ron Marquardt
    • Creation - $149.00

    Creation- Wheres the ProofCreation vs Evolutioncreation modelsEvolutionasAlchemy