Level 1 EFT Certification

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Level I certification provides you with the basic training to use Biblically based EFT for Transformation. Using EFT professionally:

1. Be sure you know the laws for your state concerning ministry and counseling.
2. If you are presently a minister, pastor counselor or life coach, EFT will simply be one of the modalities you will use to help your clients. Since you have other professional qualification that is what gives you the legal right to use this in professional practice.
3. Be certain never make any claims concerning the results of EFT that would in any way violate your state laws or be an exaggeration of claims.
4. Should you seek to develop Biblical counseling or ministry skills or a Biblical health ministry certification, contact Impact Ministries for information concerning advanced classes and certification programs.

To qualify for Certification through Impact International School of Ministry you must meet the following requirements:
a. Apply for Certification and sign Ethics Agreement
b. Complete the Biblically Base EFT seminar
c. Complete 10 Case Studies. These do not have to be done in a professional setting. You can do up to 3 on yourself, 3 on immediate family members and the remainder with whomever you choose.
d. You must complete 2 CD series:
i. Freedom From Emotional Debt
ii. Wisdom for Healing

Certification Application EFT

Biblically Based EFT Seminar

Ethics Agreement EFT

Case Study report for EFT cert

Recommended Reading:

The EFT Manual by Dawson Church (These can all be found on Amazon.com)

Emotional Freedom Techniques—EFT for Christians: Tapping Into God’s Peace and Joy

by Charity Virkler Kayembe and Sherrie Rice Smith
The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence by Jessica Ortner
The Tapping Solution for Parents, Children & Teenagers by Nick Ortner