Keys to Successful Living

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“Keys to Successful Living” is an incredibly practical course. It will provide you with many tools for success in business, ministry and personal life.  It is essential that you apply these principles to your life as much as possible, as you work through this course.  This course only has value to the degree that you make these powerful principles a part of your life’s philosophy. The world needs leaders who have life experience, not theory.

The decision to take this course will prove to be a vital step in your personal and ministerial development. Every class will provide you with tools that you can begin to implement in your personal, professional and ministerial life, immediately!

Our concepts of success must be rooted in the life and ministry of Jesus. We must see them in Biblical pattern.  We must grasp the underlying principles.  Through the study of this material you may be challenged with many of your religious concepts about God, ministry and success.   The end result will be a much clearer concept of God, and a greater potential for success in every area of life.

If you face issues that are too challenging to handle at this point in your life, just “set them on the shelf” for now.  God will take you through change at a pace that is enjoyable for you. If you have questions feel free to call our office.  The registrar or director of the school of ministry will be available to help.


Jim Richards


Required Reading:

  1. Read: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey
  2. Read one chapter per day in the book of Proverbs, from the Amplified Bible. Write down one verse that speaks to you about your success. Write at least one paragraph of personal comments on what that verse is saying to you and how to apply it to your life. Turn these in each week.
  3. Read: Heaven on Earth by Dr. Jim Richards

Assignment: A class paper,  Typed double-spaced 5 pages on Godly Decision-Making, due fifth week.