• I Corinthians

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • First Corinthians$149.00

    This course exposes that early church problems were not very different than those we face today. This verse-by-verse study reveals some of the problems of the early church and how they were handled. Issues such as super spirituality, misuse of spiritual gifts, apostolic authority, immorality problems, giving and resurrection from the dead are brought to light. You will learn how Paul corrected the problems without destroying the church. You will see that his message of grace was not a license for sin, but an empowerment for righteousnes

  • II Corinthians

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • Second Corinthians$149.00

    Paul’s follow-up letter to the church that had so many problems. Discover many aspects of grace and personal development though this verse-byverse study with a detailed analysis of the promises of God through the exchange of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Special attention is given to “Paul’s thorn.” You will gain an insight that few people ever discover about experiencing God’s grace

  • IISOM Application

    by Dr. Jim Richards
    0 Lessonsin
    • IISOM Application$25.00

    IISOM Application Click Here

  • Keys to Successful Living

    by Jim Richards
    • Keys To Successful Living$149.00

    An in-depth study into God’s plan for man’s success through the operation and application of New Testament principles of faith and grace. This course embodies some of the most world renowned, Bible-based principles of success. Through this course you will de-mystify the faith walk of the believer. You will have the keys for success and the confidence to use them.

  • Learning the Hebrew Language

    by Chaim Bentorah
    • Conversations From the Heart of God$69.00

    Welcome to the Conversations with God Seminar. The videos are password protected. The passwords are as follows: CHRSC CHLSN1 CHLSN2 CHLSN3 CHLSN4 CHLSN5 CHLSN6 CHLSN7 CHQA1 CHQA2 The link to the slides is under the video players. Learning God’s Love Language-Book Learning God’s Love Language Workbook

  • Level 1 EFT Certification

    by Jim Richards
    1 Lessonin
    • EFT Level 1 Certification$25.00

    Level I certification provides you with the basic training to use Biblically based EFT for Transformation. Using EFT professionally: 1. Be sure you know the laws for your state concerning ministry and counseling.2. If you are presently a minister, pastor counselor or life coach, EFT will simply be one of the modalities you will use […]

  • Leviticus

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • Leviticus$149.00

    A verse-by-verse study that makes this book explode with exciting principles for daily life. This class examines the Old Testament types and shadows seen in the sacrifices, feasts and the priesthood. Special emphasis is placed on how these were fulfilled in Jesus and what that means for the New Testament believer. This class does not leave you longing to live under the Old Covenant; instead, it focuses all your faith and attention on Jesus, the reality and fulfillment of all Old Testament types.

  • New Testament Realities

    by Jim Richards
    5 Lessonsin
    • New Testament Realities$149.00

    a verse-by-verse study of Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians. These books contain revelations concerning the unique position of the church and the believer, in the Lord Jesus. Special attention is given to the reality of the believer’s new identity in Jesus. No other books reveal God’s eternal plan like these. This was the mystery hidden from all generations and revealed to us.

  • Numbers

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • Numbers$149.00

    A verse-by-verse study that causes this book to come alive with purpose and value. God’s principles of leadership, authority and delegation are clarified. It provides a close look at the reasons for failure and defeat as demonstrated in the individual and corporate people of Israel. Special emphasis is placed on Israel’s reaction to personal accountability and what that teaches us for living in victory

  • Old Testament Survey

    by Jim Richards
    6 Lessonsin
    • Old Testament Survey$149.00

    This class will provide a thorough overview of the history of Israel from the time of Judges until Esther.  This study reveals crucial insights into God’s ability to develop and work with leaders.  This course will analyze the struggles of Israel and emphasize the continual mercy founded in God’s promises.  Special attention is given to the character traits of the people of the Old Testament and how God was able to use them despite their weaknesses.