• Substance Abuse and Detox

    by Jim Richards
    6 Lessonsin
    • Substance Abuse and Detox - $149.00

    A study in the dynamics of detox treatment utilizing methodology that is holistic in nature and more consistent with the biblical model of man as a spirit, soul and body. Special emphasis is placed on the connection between emotions and physiological functions of the body, especially the progression of negative emotions that accompany substance abuse. This class will prepare you to minister to one of the most crucial needs in our society. This class, along with clinical training, will qualify you for national certification as a Detox Specialist.

  • Numbers

    by Ron Marquardt
    5 Lessonsin
    • Numbers - $149.00

    A verse-by-verse study that causes this book to come alive with purpose and value. God’s principles of leadership, authority and delegation are clarified. It provides a close look at the reasons for failure and defeat as demonstrated in the individual and corporate people of Israel. Special emphasis is placed on Israel’s reaction to personal accountability and what that teaches us for living in victory

  • Homiletics

    by Jim Richards
    1 Lessonin
    • Homiletics - $149.00

    A class of practical application. On a regular basis, each student will prepare and deliver messages orally while being reviewed by faculty members and peers. The special emphasis of this course is on developing “pulpit” skills. You will face and overcome your fears of speaking in public. In a safe, positive environment you will become aware of and deal with the small annoyances in your delivery style that would prevent people from hearing and receiving your message.

  • Greek 2

    by Ted Van Diepen
    3 Lessonsin
    • Greek 2 - $149.00

    A continuation of the study of syntax of the Greek sentence structure with emphasis on translation applications. This is a continuation in the refinement of your language skills.

  • Greek 1

    by Ted Van Diepen
    5 Lessonsin
    • Greek 1 - $149.00

    An introduction to orthography, the parts of speech and syntax of the Greek noun (cases, adjectives, definite article, preposition) and the syntax of the Greek verb (person, number, voice, mood, tense, infinitive, participle, adverb, conjunction and particle). Instruction in the use of the Greek Interlinear New Testament and the Analytical Greek Lexicon. This class will give you the skills needed to do biblical research as well as develop your language skills.