The Holy Spirit by Dennis and Denise Capra

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We are so glad you have invested in the biblical insights and truths about the Holy Spirit and His Personhood & Ministry. Of course it cannot be exhaustive or fully comprehensive because the Spirit is part of the Trinity. God, the Holy Spirit cannot be contained or expressed in any 9 lesson course…. but we want to HIGHLIGHT Him through these lessons.

Course overview: After hosting bible school in our local church for 15 years we delineated from many courses we’ve taught to give you a sampling from scripture, both Old and New Testament of the mighty ministry of the Holy Spirit. Through this course we believe you will glean intimacy and understanding of the indwelling Spirit and Person as your Counselor, Comforter, Helper and friend. We will include 2 Tests over the first 4 and last 5 lessons. Please use the study guide to familiarize yourself with the course material and the scriptures.

The study guides are designed to be used personally or in small groups to help trigger discussion and personal development. As with anything the degree of thought and study you put into this will determine the level of influence if will have on you and your belief system. Denise & Dennis Capra

Holy Spirit