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The decision to take this course is a vital step in your personal and ministerial development. Homiletics is more than preaching. It is communication! Great preachers are simply people who know how to communicate. After all, the ministry is all about communication: communication with groups and communication with individuals.

The process of preparing sermons will develop your personal Bible study skills immensely! After all, you will rarely read the Bible looking for sermons. Most of your life you will read and study the Bible seeking to find the principles of the Kingdom of God, the keys to successful living, and the knowledge of God. Every believer would greatly improve the quality of their life if they became a great researcher!

Many of the ways we will teach you to study for sermon preparation is nothing more than the way I study the Bible for my personal development. Even if you never stand behind a pulpit, this class will be beneficial to your life. Upon completing this class, you will notice an incredible difference in the way you read the Bible. You will get so much more form your personal devotions!

The fear of public speaking is one of the greatest fears of most Americans. So, in learning to be an effective speaker you will have the opportunity to overcome what may be one of your deepest fears.

Great communication starts with thorough preparation. HomileticsĀ  takes you through a thorough preparation process! You will soon find yourself eager to share the word of God with individuals and groups. This will be a new area where you will experience the empowering, Grace of God.


Jim Richards