• Dynamics of Small Groups

    3 Lessonsin
    • Dynamics of Small Groups - $149.00

    God’s plan to reach, disciple and nurture mankind has always centered around small groups. Learn the dynamics of leading an effective small group.

  • Creation

    4 Lessonsin
    • Creation - $149.00

    Creation- Wheres the ProofCreation vs Evolutioncreation modelsEvolutionasAlchemy

  • Learning the Hebrew Language

    1 Lessonsin
    • Conversations From the Heart of God - $69.00

    Welcome to the Conversations with God Seminar. The videos are password protected. The passwords are as follows: CHRSC CHLSN1 CHLSN2 CHLSN3 CHLSN4 CHLSN5 CHLSN6 CHLSN7 CHQA1 CHQA2 The link to the slides is under the video players.

  • Substance Abuse and Detox

    2 Lessonsin
    • Substance Abuse and Detox - $149.00

    A study in the dynamics of detox treatment utilizing methodology that is holistic in nature and more consistent with the biblical model of man as a spirit, soul and body. Special emphasis is placed on the connection between emotions and physiological functions of the body, especially the progression of negative emotions that accompany substance abuse. This class will prepare you to minister to one of the most crucial needs in our society. This class, along with clinical training, will qualify you for national certification as a Detox Specialist.

  • Numbers

    0 Lessonsin
    • Numbers - $149.00

    A verse-by-verse study that causes this book to come alive with purpose and value. God’s principles of leadership, authority and delegation are clarified. It provides a close look at the reasons for failure and defeat as demonstrated in the individual and corporate people of Israel. Special emphasis is placed on Israel’s reaction to personal accountability and what that teaches us for living in victory