Foundations of Faith by Nate Tanner

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Anyone who wants to be a worker or a
leader in a church should be required to go through the Foundations of Faith
class. Actually, we encourage all believers to complete the class. It is essential
for a new convert, but it is also helpful for the person who has been a believer for
20 years. It is equally important for those who come from another church to go
through the Foundations of Faith class. There are reasons for that and one
reason is consistency in the message that we preach.
You do not have to agree on everything. There is a whole world of things
in the Bible that are not extremely important. It is amazing how people fight over
unimportant issues. It is really not important what we believe about the rapture.
There are many factors about Jesus’ life and many theological factors that
people stress as if the salvation of the world hinged on them, but it really does
not. It is not important whether you believe “once saved, always saved” or if you
can lose your salvation. If it were really important, the Bible would have majored
on it. Those are not important issues for people who want to walk with God. The
Bible does tell us the foundations of our faith. These are the foundations of the
New Covenant. There are only six. If we agree on these, then we agree on the
essentials and we are capable of ministering effectively.

FOF Course Study guide


FOF Lesson 1

Length: 90 minutes

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