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Impact International School of Ministry has as its primary purpose the developing and training of men and women to successfully live life and to fulfill their personal destiny. While this is primarily aimed at those who feel called to the ministry, we feel it is excellent training for every believer who desires to live a productive, fruitful, Christian life. The principles that make ministers successful are equally successful in business and life.
Through our unique, interactive approach to training, we seek to inspire students to a healthy relationship with God through:
♦ A positive commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.
♦ A Bible-based sense of self-worth.
♦ A relevant understanding of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.
♦ A relationship with the Holy Spirit as the One who provides the power and grace to effectively live the victorious Christian life.
♦ Developing strong moral character and personal ethics.
♦ Modeling the ability and freedom to walk in love and build meaningful relationships.
♦ Establish believers in a ministry or business that overflows from personal character.
♦ The fulfillment of their life’s dreams.
Our curriculum is designed to give the student insight into the basic meaning of biblical texts without the bias of preferential interpretation. Since the Lordship of Jesus is expressed through the written Word, we must allow the Bible to speak for Itself.
Our approach does not attempt to explain every verse of Scripture; instead, through the development of analytical and prayerful research skills, the student develops the ability to personally and independently research and interpret the Word of God.
All courses are taught from the point of 1) an understanding of the cultural setting in which they were presented, 2) the context in which they were communicated, 3) the original language, 4) and practical application. The result is far more than an exchange of information, it is a transformation of life application!
Through the personal experience of the teacher, the environment of your healthy New Testament church and personal mentoring, the student has an opportunity to experience and apply what is being taught; thus the graduating student has much more than mere information. He has experience that puts him years ahead of the average Bible College graduate.
Since Impact Ministries is an international ministry, we are able to impart a world vision. We are able to involve students in world outreach, implementing proven methods of ministry.
Success in ministry is rare. Too many launch out only to fail at an alarmingly high rate. When one has a good knowledge of the Bible, he still needs personal discipline, highly developed people skills and the ability to walk in the grace of God. At Impact International School of Ministry we give you the opportunity for all this and more! This is preparation that you cannot receive anywhere else in the world. We will train you in the time-honored, biblically based, secrets of success and effectiveness.
A summary of our Statement of Purpose is quite simple: We intend to equip you to live a personal life of peace, victory and success out of which you will fulfill your life’s dream.

Minister of Health Certification Statement of Purpose

DoingEars Statement of Purpose for Practitioner Certification program:
1) Help program participants eliminate the need for any form of chemo-therapy (including baby aspirin) by restoring health and harmony
2) Equip participants with tools for self-care to maintain health once its restored
3) Assist participants in recognizing the consequences of their choices
4) Offer participants a new (broader, different) perspective toward health and wellness


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