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In choosing the class on Eschatology, you are taking an important step in your personal and ministerial growth. This course will remove the mysticism of the end times through a comprehensive verse-by-verse study of Daniel and Revelation. The course will describe the end-times and the events that will usher in the return of Jesus and God’s future plans for Planet Earth.
Through an open, unbiased presentation of the Word, the major end-time doctrines will be discussed. You will be freed from the dogmas that blind and separate Christians concerning the end times. You will gain peace and confidence to face the end, regardless of how it happens.
I trust that this course and any other that you choose to take through Impact International School of Ministry will prove to be enjoyable and life changing.
With eternity in mind,
Jim Richards
Required Reading: The required reading for this course is The Gospel of Peace and Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming by Dr. Jim Richards.