Why Online Training Works

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1. All classes are recorded live. It is just like stepping into the classroom.
2. You can go at your own pace
3. Take the tests when you are ready
4. Modify your study regime to fit your learning style and family responsibilities
5. Be involved in your own ministry
6. Stay connected to your local church
7. It is far more cost effective
8. No waiting on classes, tests or grades
9. No mailing costs for online students
10. You have more options.
a. Take the class you want anytime.
b. Take tests when you are ready
c. Take as many or as few classes as you desire


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  1. Raphael Nyama Chitsva Avatar
    Raphael Nyama Chitsva

    I like the course and it fits my real requirements.

    What is the cost of one course.

    1. admin Avatar

      $149 USD

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