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Dear Student,
In the study of Deuteronomy we are seeing a new generation of Israel approaching their Promised Land. This group is more committed to God than their fathers and they are willing to put forth every effort necessary to obtain what God has promised them. The study of Deuteronomy is a refresher course for this generation in the Laws of God, telling them how to receive blessings and how to make themselves vulnerable to the curses.
As Moses reminds the people of where they have been and where they are going, he gives them, and us, strong warnings about reaching the point of no longer trusting in God as our source. When reading this book, ask yourself the question, “Do I seek God more in good times or in hard times?”
After answering this question, then ask yourself, “Why?”
If you have been wandering around in the desert of your life for the last few years, it is time to receive what God has promised. Make a commitment today that you are turning your face toward the Promised Land and whether you reach it today, tomorrow or next year, you have set your course to step into all that God has for you.
Every decision marks a specific destination in this life.
Remember: Your decisions determine your destiny.

Enjoy Deuteronomy,
Ron Marquardt

Class 2 Assignment:
Make two columns on your paper.
On Left side list the 10 things we are told not to worship
On Right side list how people worship those things today.